I’m Back

So… Almost a year ago I began my blog journey. I had this fabulous idea as a new mom, while home on maternity leave, that I would have SOOO much time to blog about the new journey I was about to embark upon with my newborn baby and husband. So I sat down at my laptop, and off I went. It seemed pretty easy. I even had my own little check list: set up the blog, check, write my intro, check, never return to the blog since that day, check… er wait, what?!?

Oh yeah, I, like many new moms, had fabricated this idea in my pretty little head that while exclusively breastfeeding my baby, who not only was sensitive to dairy and soy and who also had latch issues, I would have tons of time to myself. So yeah, I was that poor mom, exclusively pumping and in essence had to put in twice the normal amount of effort per feeding. Don’t even get me started on what a joy it was to carry around what I fondly referred to as my “party pack”. I couldn’t go anywhere without that pump, and indeed, it served me well. I even had a fancy custom bag (God Bless Petunia Pickle Bottom), because I couldn’t bear to tote that traditional black pump bag around one more time. I still, to this day, have separation anxiety from that thing. For the first twelve months of my little monkey’s life, that bag was at times literally more attached to me than the baby. I tried all sorts of pumps, to which I will get into at some point in time.

Rambling, I know… ok, sorry…the result of sleep deprivation and the requirement for limitless amounts of energy tend to cause a random rambling from time-to-time. Anyway, regardless, I had figured I’d still have all this time to be one of those fab mommies. You know the type: the ones who make it look so effortless. They have time to do their hair, put on full makeup, pack up the munchkin and head off for a day of shopping at the mall, maybe run some errands and generally take some time to themselves, maybe even blog… yeah, those amazing moms. I’ll be the first to say that isn’t every new mom, and kudos to those who manage to pull it off. I was the modest mom rushing off to find somewhere to pump (so thankful for tinted windows), who had traded in her pin straight hair (thanks to the flat iron) for the curls I sported as a tween and makeup, yeah, forget the makeup.

After a mere twelve weeks, it was back off to work full-time and race home to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with my little angel. In a year, I’ve managed to watch this amazing little creature, blossom before my very eyes, and feel blessed every moment of every day and thank God for my little miracle. Now that we’ve settled into a good rhythm, I’m back!


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