Right up your alley… glow stick bowling

“Unplugging” gets harder and harder these days. We’re so dependent on electronic gadgets and gizmos that it’s difficult to think of a time when I’m not within 5 feet of at least my mobile phone. It seems just about everything we do is behind a screen. Whether I’m at my computer writing a blog post or using my phone to pay a bill, I’m always connected 24×7.

Fall is in the air and there’s still plenty of time to get the kids outside. With the munchkin loving outdoor play, I’ve made it my personal mission to make sure my family takes the time to completely unplug and enjoy. It’s time to turn off the phones, TV and tablets and get outside for family fun that’s right up our alley.

I adore spending beautiful nights outdoors so we brought the bowling alley to our backyard.

Glow Stick Bowling

What you need
10 Glow Sticks
10 empty water bottles
A soccer or basket ball (any larger ball will do)

How we did it:
After digging 10 water bottles out of the recycling bin, I simply filled them with water. Next, I activated the Glow Sticks and plopped them in.

glow bowling

All that was left was to put on the lid, grab a ball and bowl.

glow bowling

Once it started to get dark, I set up the “pins.” How cool is this?!?

glow bowling

Being the soccer fans that we are, we couldn’t resist a little glow stick soccer practice. We used a soccer ball and “bowled” with our feet. Simple, easy and a great new spin on an old classic. The kids loved it, and to be honest, so did we. It was hilarious to see just how bad our aim was at first. The best score was obtained by my little one, who is 2. She “bowled” with her hands and feet. And at times, she took off with a pin or two.

It was an unplugged summer night success.

Glow Bowling - Strike

How does your family unplug?

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