Welcome to Mommy Mums. I’m a first-time modern mommy from the Lehigh Valley (PA) and also work full-time. My daughter is my inspiration, and I am so very blessed to have the privilege of being her Mommy Mums.

I’m a fun-loving fashionista, foodie and most importantly a mommy focused on my family. Like most new moms, I’m forever asking the mommies I know and trust for advice and am more than happy to share it, too. From feeding, product reviews, fashion, general updates and special events for the kiddos, to family-friendly meals and recipes, I’m doing my best to cover the bases. I’ve pretty much combed the web since day one with my little one, googling just about everything you can think of. It was then that it dawned on me, why not write about my experience and welcome other moms to join the conversation? I’m by no means a professional writer, but I look forward to sharing real experiences and my journey with my fellow mommies. I’m also on facebook feel free to ask questions and suggest topics.

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