It’s official. I’ve retired my stove top and oven recipes and traded in my pots and pans for my trusty grill, spatula and tongs. There’s much to be said for the sweet simplicity of getting outside after a day at work and firing up the grill. It’s one of my favorite ways to save energy. Yes, that’s... Continue Reading →

Tick-Toc, what mommy doesn’t strive to beat the clock?!?

Get ready, get set, GO... All moms, in my opinion are working moms. Whether you stay home to take care of your children, or head off to an office, it’s REAL WORK taking care of and raising your children well. So how do you do it? I’d love to know how most mommies find the... Continue Reading →

Kindness and Grace

Something has to be said for parents who raise their children with good manners and grace. Thanks to an extended snowy cold spell that had us all cooped up, we headed off to the book store  to let my munchkin blow off some steam and to help mommy’s cabin fever. I really must say, we... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Mommy Mums. I'm a  modern mommy from the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania) and also work full-time. My daughters are my inspiration, and I am so very blessed to have the privilege of being their Mommy Mums. Like most new moms, I'm forever asking the mommies I know and trust for advice and am more than... Continue Reading →

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