Kindness and Grace

Something has to be said for parents who raise their children with good manners and grace. Thanks to an extended snowy cold spell that had us all cooped up, we headed off to the book store  to let my munchkin blow off some steam and to help mommy’s cabin fever. I really must say, we typically relish the experience and it’s an outing we look forward to. She loves it and I love watching her light up at the sight of new people, potential playmates and the overall experience. This trip, however, was like no other. I have never, ever, seen so many rude, ill-mannered children. It’s like they were coming out of the woodwork, literally. I tried to give the kids the benefit of the doubt; after all they likely had a case of cabin fever, too. But after having stayed for about an hour and a half, it must be said, shame on the parents who allow their kids to act like bullies even at a young age and who do nothing to correct bad behavior. No wonder bullying is such a problem these days, and if we wonder why kids behave this way, some parents might need to look in the mirror.

I witnessed countless kids between the ages of two and five push the little ones (one and two year olds) and say to my child and others, “Go away, you’re little, I don’t like you, I don’t want to be your friend!” What’s worse? Not a peep from the parents to even tell their children that isn’t nice and it isn’t acceptable behavior. Instead, they text away on their smartphones, paying their child no mind. Not only was I shocked but horrified. As a society do we expect our kids to raise themselves? Now, more than ever, the old saying it takes a village to raise a child rings true, at least for me.

If my little one behaved that way, not only would she have to say she’s sorry, but if she didn’t we would be going home, period. What ever happened to kindness? I realize children don’t always know better, but that is when a parent is supposed to be a parent and guide them. When a little kid walks over with a toy as a peace offering and that is the response they get, what does this little social experiment gone awry teach them? I can only be thankful for and hope these little ones didn’t care or understand yet. So the point of today’s rant… parents, please teach your children to be kind and to respect others. If you don’t do it now, don’t expect it later.


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