Tick-Toc, what mommy doesn’t strive to beat the clock?!?

Get ready, get set, GO…

tick- tock
I’m willing to take on the fast-ticking clock!

All moms, in my opinion are working moms. Whether you stay home to take care of your children, or head off to an office, it’s REAL WORK taking care of and raising your children well. So how do you do it?

I’d love to know how most mommies find the time to get things done, seriously. After the munchkin wakes up in the morning I feel like it’s a full-on sprint to get ready get everything together and get myself to work (without food on my clothes or in my hair!) Then it’s a busy day, and off to the races, time to sprint home, make dinner, clean, bath time and bed time – while squeezing fun, playtime and story time in. I feel like a casualty of the Monday through Friday shuffle. I relish every waking moment with my family and wish there were even more time to spend, to play, to exercise and just relax and enjoy one another. What are some time savers you recommend to the newest moms out there, and even the most veteran mothers who’d like to have a bit more time to spare?

While I realize we can’t turn back the hands of time, I’m making it my spring/summer mission to try a different time-saver every week to see if it helps. I want your ideas.

Post a comment – who knows, maybe I’ll give it a try!


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